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Cable market rational development

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  As the main supplies cabling, network cable and other cable products is an important part of the data center, data center bears the burden of data and power transmission. According to the latest survey of the industry shows that in 2014 China's annual research report data cabling industry showed rapid growth stimulate the real estate market heating up and data center investments, cabling access to China's rapid development into 2014 With the slowdown in the financial investment industry data center, China's data center cabling market has entered a rapid development stage from a stage of steady growth.
  The survey report also pointed out that the size of about 1.06 billion yuan in 2014 data center cabling market, an increase of about 14.1%. By 2015, under the premise of the real estate market continues to heat up, data center cabling market size or the more than 1.2 billion mark, so that further development in this field, Chinese security wiring, become the highlight of industrial development.
  In the cloud computing and the "Internet +" continuous fermentation strategy, data center industry this year ushered in rapid growth. For this year's cable market trends, the exhibitors, Dongguan factory line cable channel length full-chang said the data center industry this year is still showing steady and rapid growth, it is beyond doubt. As bearers of the data center network, has experienced fifteen years of frenzied growth before the stage, the entire cable market performance this year, more rational, and that he expected that this trend will continue rational a few years or even longer .
  According to the relevant policy shows that in countries within the next five years will increase investment in the information industry, policy relevant background is bound to bring both opportunities and challenges to the cable industry. Full Chang Tao said the biggest daily opportunities facing the country and the people demand for large data, the biggest challenge is to grasp the needs of market segments. As a cornerstone of the information industry, network cables, because the special nature of its industry, in addition to quality, we must focus on product innovation. Innovation is by listening and responding to customer voice repeated verification and R & D team to achieve, no matter when and where what, innovation can not be stopped, including the daily cable manufacturers, including long-term invincible fundamental. 


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