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Liaoning Jinda cable passed the love and light

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  Modernization is inseparable from the wire and cable, use them as the main carrier of electricity transmission, widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuits, appliances, etc., its quality directly affects the quality of the project and the life and property safety of consumers.
  Jinda cable is a production and sales in one of the large chain cable companies, the Group headquarters is located in Tianjin World Financial Center, and now has nearly 100 sales branches in all major cities of northeast, north, northwest, east, central China , has set up a production base in Tianjin, Shandong, Heilongjiang Province, Shaanxi Province, Liaoning Province, support from strong production and sales service network. Jinda cable production base for a total investment of nearly 1.5 billion yuan, with a total area of ​​700 acres. Group flagship production base is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area Industrial Park, is the largest cable production base in the north, the plant expansion project was named the 2014 annual key projects in Tianjin.
  Jinda Cable since the plant adhere to the scientific management, solid, good governance, to improve product quality. Always follow the Headquarters "service-oriented, honesty, innovation, quality first" purpose, to high-quality products and good reputation to win the praise and trust of colleagues old and new customers.
  Liaoning, Tianjin Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the production base Group Headquarters investment products mainly cover the wires, rubber cables, low-voltage cables, high voltage cables, fire-retardant cables, control cables, shielded cables, fire-resistant cables, halogen cable and aluminum cable and other specialty wire and cable. Products for Shenyang Taoxian Airport, Shenyang Metro Building, Shenyang Wanda Plaza, Huishan, Sany, Dalian Davos conference center, Dalian Yida Springfield, Dalian Wanda mansion, Dalian Xinghai Mansion, Dalian Ganjingzi District Library Tieling Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau office, Tieling City District Xin Building, Anshan four Keiko Lung Street, Anshan double Hill Hospital, Dandong Port Cultural and Sports Center, Dandong meter garden, the Public Security Bureau of Jinzhou, Jinzhou beautiful day district, Shanghai Hai Lotus Hotel Chaoyang Peng Cheng Yinglun impression, the army compound, Tianjin Grand Theatre, Tianjin World Financial Center, Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin Olympic Sports Center, and many other key projects selected.
  Liaoning Jinda cables will be high quality manufacturing capacity, sincere service and professional mastery of the sales team, excellent logistics and distribution, cable adequate inventory for our customers to build solid and reliable mechanism of integrity and good rapid buying and selling platform, through the Group advantages, the establishment of national regional customers to realize the concept of a day city delivery goals, achieve goals slogan "Jinda cable, arrive today." Continue to maintain effective, coordinated and healthy, scientific approach to development, the formation of industrial diversification, the development of large-scale, product specialization, regional operations, management of differentiated industrial structure, build core competitive advantage.


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